Day One

Symptoms: Rainy dayRecommended prescription: upbeat music, good boots, thick coat

Today was my first day of class, and of course it rained. I have plenty of sources that suggest this is way more rain than normal.

My class, Slavery and Emancipation, was at 9am, and I was pretty worried about getting up on time, but I made it! It takes about twenty minutes to get to the building and I was early. My professor is Italian, but he seems to have an excellent understanding of the subject. I’m really looking forward to learning the European perspective of colonial North America. My classmates explained that they didn’t know too much about American history, and I shouldn’t be surprised because I know almost nothing about Irish history.

I was immediately concerned that the class would be full of experts on the topic, but I was relieved to find that was not the case. Everyone is very well spoken, though. I have a feeling that a class with such a tough topic will attract people who aren’t afraid of heavy conversations. In the class we will have a short presentation of an article, which I am not worried about at and we have a final paper of 5,000 words. I hope that if I plan ahead I can finish the paper over a span of time and not all at once, seeing as it will be around 20 pages.

So far, so good.


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