The Cliffs of Moher

What a trip! Saturday morning we all decided to catch an 11:30 tour bus to the Cliffs. First we went to the market and bought doughnuts [still good!], then we went to the New Coach Station and purchased our tickets. They were only $20 because we were students.

The bus driver was a really nice guy, but he wasn’t kidding about the roads being treacherous. In addition to the wonderful scenery we got a taste for how twisty Irish roads could really be. The bus stopped at a burial ground that looked suspiciously like Stone Henge. I really enjoyed hopping from one giant rock to the next.


We stopped for lunch and I had some potato salad. For the first potatoes I’ve had in Ireland they were really good! Unfortunately, I started feeling sick right about then.

We got to the cliffs later than we expected, and I only made it up the one side. But I did get some great photos!


My friends were a bunch of daredevils and went over the barrier. Maybe I would have too…but I wasn’t feeling so great, remember? In any case, I caught some great photos of them sitting on the edge. This one is my favorite.


I went home and got a lot of rest and I am feeling much better now. I think it was a 24 hour thing.


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