Church and Cupan Tae

This morning I went to mass at the Galway Cathedral at 12:30pm. It was super fast, only a half hour. I had planned to stay after and take photographs but there was a funeral at 2pm so I thought it might be rude to take photos as they were setting up.

I was starving and a tea shop around the corner from my apartment had some gluten free lunch options, so I thought I would check it out.

I have had tea at Cupan Tae before, specifically I had the Galway Cream, and it was delicious. Today, I went for a tea called Magic Morning.


Then for lunch I had the smoked salmon which came with pesto potatoes and an egg. I’ll never need to eat again, it was amazing.


It was layered, starting with the potatoes, then the salmon and then the egg. There were cucumbers, and carrots and it was really amazing. I’m going into a food coma as I type.

The combination of the salmon and the tea was really nice, and I recommend both.

Here are some miscellaneous photos I took while I was there:



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