Long time, no see!

Hey all, sorry for not updating in a while. I’ve been busy with the usual, classes and homework. I had my first ‘project’ for Slavery and Emancipation.

Wait…I haven’t said what classes I’m taking. Ok, here goes:

  • Sociology of Linguistic and Cultural Change (It’s a big name for Sociolinguistics, and applies to my Linguistic minor)
  • Slavery and Emancipation (This applies to my Africana Studies minor, I just really like it, ok?) (this is also an upper level class that I needed permission to get into)
  • Masculinity and Crisis (An English seminar, it’s all about the fragility of men)
  • Celtic Mythology, Religion and Folklore (I thought this would be fun to take) (FYI it’s not)
  • Gothic Literature + American South Literature (The class is split between the two kinds of literature, should be interesting)

So I had a short presentation of an article for Slavery and Emancipation. It’s worth 20% of my final grade, but after I finished my professor said “Excellent!” so I figure that’s a good sign.

I missed my first class of Masculinity and Crisis because of a date mix up last week. I emailed my professor and apologized. Today when I showed up to class she asked a new boy in the class if he was Dara. I had to interject and tell her that I was, in fact, Dara. Then she told me she thought I was a boy. Hilarious. I think I made up for missing the first class, I had read the book and I drove a lot of the conversation. (For a class at 3pm you’d think people would be more animated). My professor is silly and relatable but I can tell she takes this topic very seriously. I’m so pleased with the discussion so far, upper level Irish students really know what they’re talking about. It’s always better to have a class of engaged people willing to take risks than quiet people with no opinions.

My sociolinguists professor is alright. Truth be told, I miss my SJU professor, but not every professor can be as wonderful as her. I feel a little behind in this class, though it’s not my fault. The professor talks mainly about the struggle to keep Irish a stable language in Ireland, which is nice, but that leads to him asking specific questions about Irish history. I am one of four visiting students in the class, and I’m sure they are just as lost as me.

Enough of classes! I’m traveling to Paris this weekend, and I will have plenty to tell and show you.



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