The Louvre

On the second day we went to the Louvre. The weather was rainy and slightly gloomy. I thought it suited the Louvre’s slightly mysterious appearance.


The Louvre is too big to conquer in one day. I really do love art, but the building was so massive that I was tired from walking around after an hour. We first saw the sculptures in a giant room and I found it really difficult to be impressed because I know there are sculptures that can make stone look like silk. So, there’s that. High expectations. However, I did enjoy some sculptures of mythological scenes. I was pretty pleased I could recognize a few.


We managed to find Mona Lisa, and as expected I took a selfie with her. I wasn’t too thrilled  to see her. I remember my Italian professor saying that if we get the chance we should see her but “She’s really small.” And she was. As much as it’s wonderful to see famous works of art in person the Mona Lisa was a little overrated. You can’t get up close and really look at her. It’s fun to see a painting as big as a wall and notice tiny details up close.


With websites online that allow you to see famous works of art in extreme detail being so separated from the Mona Lisa was just a bit disappointing.

My favorite part of the Louvre was Napoleon’s Apartment. Though, I really love sets like that in general. They really put you right in the apartment. I didn’t get many decent pictures of it, so I won’t bother putting them up. Besides, they wouldn’t do the apartment any justice. Napoleon may have been a messed up dude but man he lived elaborately.

Up next: Notre Dame.


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