Once upon a time in Philadelphia my roommate and I went on a quest for macarons. We did this for two reasons, one because we had never had them before and two, they look like Pretty Patties from Spongebob. Spongebob influences a lot of my adventures. Maybe only a little.

Whitney and Sarah really wanted to go to this bakery, Laduree, because it was featured in an episode of Gossip Girl. Hey, I’m influenced by Spongebob and they are swayed by Gossip Girl, to each her own. (How did this post get hijacked by Spongebob?!)

The shop itself was really elaborate, and I barely had enough time to absorb it all before it was my turn to order. If we had more time (and as much money as Blair Waldorf) we could have sat down and had lunch, too.

As I had already tried macarons I knew exactly what kind I liked. At home there are a variety of flavors to choose from; I noticed from walking around Paris that most places only offered eight flavors. They usually consisted of rose, two kinds of strawberry, caramel, chocolate and a vanilla option. I was so pleased when we arrived at Laduree and there were more flavors to choose from.


We got in, chose our macaroons and other pastries and got out. I got salted caramel, green apple, chocolate, chocolate coconut, strawberry and raspberry.


We had an impromptu photo shoot in our hostel, because the macarons were just too beautiful. (Pretty Patties).


We left for the Eiffel Tower (more in an upcoming post) and had a picnic dinner underneath it. When we got back I ate the chocolate eclair I bought, and it was heavenly. I’m so used to eclairs that have cream inside, not chocolate mousse! (Writing this post makes me want that chocolate eclair all over again!)


My self control was incredible, I managed to save my macarons for when I returned to Ireland. They were all so much better than the ones back home, but they were also significantly more expensive.

I’m really glad my roommates were so determined to have authentic macarons, otherwise I may not have found the shop!



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