The Eiffel Tower

There’s no better day to post about the Eiffel Tower than Valentine’s day! We got to see the tower two times, and it was different than I expected.

I had no idea it was brown.


Here, have a goofy too-close picture of me in front of the tower! When we got off the Metro we crossed the street, thinking we were going the right way to the tower and we turn around and there it was!


This is really sad…I couldn’t get the whole thing!!! Oh well. My roommates got pictures of the entire thing, so that’s good.

On our third and final night we had dinner under the Eiffel tower and then went up it! It wasn’t too pricey, only 7.50 Euro. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

So every hour the tower blinks for a few minutes, and that was really fun. I didn’t know it was going to happen and it was really great hearing the big gasp from everyone around us as it started blinking.


Here’s a picture of my on the tower! We weren’t allowed to go all the way up because of strong winds. It was high enough for me, and the wind was crazy!


Stay tuned for a post all about the French food I ate!


2 thoughts on “The Eiffel Tower

  1. dara,the pictures of the tower were great.i’m glad that you are having a good time and enjoying your self with your friends.your mom said that you are taking other trips.

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