Parisian Food

So food is really important. Not only is it vital for living as organisms but it also plays a large role in culture. The kinds of food people eat varies from country to country, and can even change in smaller networks.

There are some foods you may immediately associate with France, croissants, crepes and macrons. I did not expect there to be a variety of other culture’s foods in France, but there it was!

The first meal we had in Paris was Chinese food. The food was pretty good, as is most Chinese food, but the experience of being in the restaurant was one I will never forget. We were standing in front of the food, figuring out what we wanted to order and a woman is speaking to us in French. I didn’t register it at all because I don’t speak French and ‘why would anyone speak to me in French?!’ All I remember hearing is “Oui. Oui?” and then it hit me. “Oh I don’t speak French, I’m sorry.” “That’s okay!” and the woman continued to speak to me in perfect English. Minutes after I ordered she was speaking in Mandarin to her co worker. Here was a woman who was at least trilingual running her own business. It blew me away.

Then we went to get dinner at a crepes restaurant. I didn’t finish the first one, which had ham and eggs inside, but I devoured the dessert crepe.

20140206_214411 20140206_220740

Every morning the hostel we stayed at provided breakfast. I highly recommend staying somewhere that includes breakfast, it saved us a lot of money in the long run.

Breakfast was the same every day, a croissant, a baguette, two kinds of cereal (CORNFLAKES YES!!), orange juice, coffee, and milk. Usually I ate the cereal and croissant and took the baguette for lunch. It was a really great strategy  because I didn’t need to buy a lot for lunch as a result.


Then we made reservations to go to a Cat Cafe. (A place where you can eat or get coffee and cats wander around). There aren’t many of them in the US because of food violations. However, this cat cafe was unbelievably clean. I am allergic to cats, but I still love them, so I came ready with my inhaler just in case, and I only felt just slightly wheezy as we left.

I got an Italian salad, which was huge and covered in balsamic vinaigrette. It wasn’t the best thing I had in Paris, but it was good.


As my roommates went up Notre Dame, I sat in a cafe and had some coffee and a crepe to recuperate.

20140208_130437 20140208_130538

I miss the croissants and the baguettes that never went stale. Until next time, Paris!


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