9 3/4

This is the first installment in the London posts!

Silver linings are important aspects of bad things, and a silver lining to all of the things that happened in the last month was seeing my mom in London.

We met at the JW Marriot (I managed to navigate the Tube all alone!!) and went to lunch, where I got gluten free pasta. Then we left for our first stop: 9 3/4 in King’s Cross station. I was nervous that the employees would be silly and embarrassing but they were actually wonderful. The woman working there noticed I was wearing my Hufflepuff scarf and made a big deal out of it, but it was funny.

Then the guy taking the photos was really nice. We had already asked him for directions and when he got off break he was hilarious. He photobombed this photo my took.


This is probably one of the best photos I have of the entire trip.
Here are some other photos my mom took.

????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????

And the end result:


Then we went inside the shop, which was small compared to the theme park stores in Orlando, but cute all the same.

SONY DSC  SONY DSC ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Then I went to the bathroom (this has a point, bear with me) but in London you have to pay to get into the bathrooms. So while my mom and I were trying to figure out change these two old ladies stopped us and showed us how to get into the bathroom without paying. They were these awesome ladies who told my mom that they were British and thought paying for bathrooms was horrible. I really liked the rebellious old ladies.

Mom and I tried to find a chocolate shop in Hoxton later that day but it wasn’t the best neighborhood and we got a little lost, so we returned to the hotel. For dinner, we had Pho a few Tube stops away. It was so good, and I’m disappointed to learn that there is no Pho in Galway.




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