Millenium Bridge/ Shakespeare/ St Pauls

On our second day in London mom and I bought our London Passes and made our way to Shakespeare’s Globe. But first, we passed St. Paul’s and crossed over Millennium Bridge, which is the bridge that Bellatrix Lestrange collapses in the Harry Potter films.

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There was tiny street art on the bridge, I love that stuff!!


View of Tower Bridge from Millennium Bridge.

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Shakespeare’s Globe

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View of St. Paul’s from across the river Thames.


The thatched roof on Shakespeare’s Globe

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We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the theater because rehearsals were going on for a children’s version of The Merchant of Venice (which sounds ridiculous, considering how violent that play is).


Our awesome, British rocker, tour guide told us that the reason Michael Palin’s name is spelled wrong is because he and John Cleese had a bet that whoever’s stone was smaller had to pay for both of their donations and so John Cleese insisted that Michael’s name be spelled incorrectly.


The theater was amazing, just like I had seen in videos of it in class. Much of what our tour guide told us was exactly what my Shakespeare professor said. I really liked seeing the place in person, though I was disappointed that they didn’t have anything Much Ado About Nothing in their giftshop. (It’s my favorite of his plays).

Then we headed back over the bridge to see St. Paul’s. We also weren’t allowed to take pictures inside of St. Paul’s.


But I may have snuck a picture with my phone:

st pauls

Afterward mom and I went to the restaurant under the cathedral (they’re really trying to make money on this place) and had a nice lunch.



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