Tower of London/ Tower Bridge/ Cruise Part 1

Shortly after we ate lunch mom and I headed for the Tower of London. This site was probably my favorite of all of London. The history of the Tudors has always been interesting to me so seeing where so many events actually occurred was amazing. The yeoman was really cool as well. Very charismatic and loud. Mom pointed out how she imagined the area of the Tower of London to be like a small English town, which the yeoman confirmed.

Here are some photos before the tour:

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And after the tour:

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Look at this raven!!! So scary!


The gift shop was pretty amazing. I had seen this mug online that was Henry VIII and his wives and when you put hot water in it the wives disappeared. Sure enough, they had it! It was the best souvenir. My dad wanted us to find gummy bears for him…and we did only they’re called jelly bears, which is weird but I guess it’s the same exact things.

Then we went to the Tower bridge, which was very close by.

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I got this funny picture of my mom trying to pose in front of the sign…but there was traffic next to us so it didn’t work out so well.


Then, because every landmark in London is conveniently placed next to each other, we got on the boat tour. The tour guide was really funny, too. I recommend going on a boat tour, you really got to see everything, especially if the weather is nice.

????????????????????????????? SONY DSC SONY DSC

We got off at Westminster and walked around the London Eye for a bit before getting dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We went onto the Tube (don’t take the Tube from Westminster…it’s easier to walk above ground). We came back to the hotel and got drinks and desserts. Mom got a Lemon Martini and I got a Daisy which was a champagne cocktail with raspberry sorbet in it (a dessert in itself) and mom got a HUGE creme brulee and I got a fruit tart. Both were so delicious.

mom me

That’s the end of day two!



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