Buckingham Palace/ Regents Park/ Westminster/ Play

On our third day mom and I hoped to catch the changing of the guard. Spoiler alert: we didn’t see it! THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE. We also weren’t allowed in Buckingham Palace because of something going on with the queen. The walk to the palace was really long, unexpectedly long.

We found this arch on our way there, so of course we took a picture in front of it.


Then we got to the palace, and WOW so many people.

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We watched the guards march in and left early to find Westminster Abbey. But we crossed through a park before we got to the Abbey, and there were so many cool birds!


This little dude is very important to me because I saw a bird just like it in Galway but it clearly did not belong in Ireland and turns out it lives in the UK! So glad I know now, I think the one in Galway went home.


Those geese reminded me of the ones in Aristocats.


View of the Eye from the park.


The swans in England were so dirty! The swans in Galway are so pristine, I thought it would be the other way around.


This is my very favorite bird of all! I declare it the Burnt Chip duck! Or ombre duck, if you prefer.


This pelican was stealing people’s souls.


Then we were in sight of the Abbey and we took a tourist-y photo with a Telephone booth!


This was so unusual, I still have no idea why London has an Abe Lincoln statue. But we found him!


Outside of the Abbey.

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Inside of the Abbey! I think this was my mom’s favorite part.

Then we went on the river cruise to take it all the way down to Greenwich.


These pillars are apparently the remains of an unsafe bridge, I thought they were pretty cool.



Shakespeare’s Globe, again! Such a nice building.

I got my mom to try cider, which is my favorite drink in Europe. She liked it, I think!

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And here’s a nice picture of my mom: 🙂


That night we went into West End to see The Moustrap, an Agatha Cristie story adapted into a play. IT WAS SO GOOD. I was scared half of the time and laughing the other half. Just before the play we went to M&M world, which was cool because the regular M&Ms and peanut M&Ms were the same price, and I LOVE peanut M&Ms. So I got them in my favorite colors.


Then we walked home and learned not to walk through Hyde Park at 11:30pm.


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