Firenze Part 1

The beginning of my trip to Italy was far less than ideal. I was coming down with a fever, coughing and feeling pretty unpleasant. I still managed to get to the Dublin airport and get on my plane on time. The two women sitting next to me were really nice, too, and talked to me throughout the flight which helped me from feeling too sick.

I landed in Pisa and was amazed that a round trip bus ticket to Florence was only 10 Euro!

Here’s a bit of a disclaimer for you, because of my health and the work I had to get done, I have significantly less photos from Florence. On the first day I got my first sighting on the Duomo


Day 2:

Dana and I went to the Bargello and saw all of the art inside, including a sculpture that looked just like Michael Cera. Afterward we got gluten free pasta!!! GLUTEN FREE PASTA. SAY IT WITH ME. It was fantastic.


Then things started to go downhill…and my ear was killing me. But Dana is an angel and we found an English speaking doctor who gave me medicine to get me through it. On our way out of the office I found 5 Euro on the ground! Another amazing thing!

The medicine worked its magic, and I felt well enough that night to go out for gelato.


I got mango, strawberry and blackberry! I think it was from Gelato dei Neri, which was probably my favorite place to get gelato because the people were so nice.

Day 3:

I was feeling so much better on the third day so we decided to go to Piazzale Michelangelo. Our first stop was to an indoor market that reminded me so much of Reading Terminal in Philly. We all got calamari for breakfast, and it was wonderful.

????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????

The trip to Piazzale Michelangelo was certainly a trek, but it was such a beautiful walk.


These cars were so close to being in rainbow order.

????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????


I can’t even imagine having a nice balcony like this.

Just after this balcony was this artist’s studio, where I bought this cute watercolor:


And it may have been before that, we stopped in at Clet’s studio and I bought this sticker:


You can see his art all around the city on street signs, it’s really cool!!


So steep!

There were a few levels of getting to the Piazzale. First there were the gardens.

????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????

Then there was the cemetery, which was not as creepy as other cemeteries I have been to. (There were a few angels, though).


I’m pretty proud of this photo because of how incredible the clouds look in the background.

Then we finally made it to the top!

????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????


It was really exciting. Can you tell? Dawn and Dana said they had never seen the view so clear before. I think I was very lucky in Florence.

Afterward we wandered around the cemetery and went back down the hill. We stopped in a gelato place, and let me tell you, it was amazing.


Apparently La Strega means ‘Witch’ in Italian. I think I got hazelnut and cream. Delicious.

We had a lot of time to kill before we went to dinner, so we saw the David! Dawn and Dana made me close my eyes and walk up to him and WOW he was so much bigger than I expected. Really spectacular. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures of him.

That’s all for today, I’ll update about the rest of my trip this week.




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