Firenze Part 2

So where did we leave off? Day four maybe?

Day 4:

So on my fourth day in Florence Dawn and Dana had a soccer game to go to, so before she dropped me off at the Ufitzi Dawn and I got breakfast at a really cute place.


Nutella crepe with fruit!

Then I went to the Ufitzi to read and see art!

This was the view from the terrace restaurant:


I bought these cute earrings while I was there:


They’re little flowers!

I managed to leave just when Dana and Dawn were heading back from the game. I took some silly selfies in Piazza dei Senoria.

wpid-20140406_171344.jpg wpid-20140406_171305.jpg   ?????????????????????????????

Look at how silly that guy [I should remember his name, he was everywhere!] looks with a bird on his head! As I was taking these selfies I heard an Italian guy walk by and say something along the lines of “American selfie,” so keeping the tourist culture strong I guess.

Then I met up with Dawn and Dana at Dawn’s apartment and we got sushi for dinner!


I LOVE sushi.

I think we went to get gelato afterwards, which resulted in the happiest picture of me in Florence:


Day 5:

It was Monday and the girls had their internships so it was my second day solo! But I had a paper to write so I went to their school computer lab and worked on that for a while. I managed to get lost a little but found my way around. I rewarded myself with more gelato because I could find the place.

Have some street art:

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC ?????????????????????????????

Then Dawn and I ate dinner in her apartment and went for a late night walk around town. Florence was so quiet around 9pm.

We got on a carousel, aaaah childhood, and then went to Grom for gelato. Let me tell you about this walnut gelato IT WAS HEAVENLY.


Day 6: The Last Day

Dawn and I got up to get breakfast at the library and then I waited to meet up with Dana. I was going to catch the 2:30 bus to the Pisa airport and fly back to Dublin.

Dawn had time to meet up, too! So we all went to one last organic gelato shop and it was a great note to end on.


As of right now I still can’t hear very well out of my right ear, but I got that paper submitted and I’m working on the second right now. Despite the rough beginning, Florence was truly an amazing city and I would definitely visit it again.



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