Brussels, day 2

And so Dara and Emily began their Belgian adventure.

We went to the Grand Place first.

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And we found a church for Easter mass the following day.


On the morning of the second day Emily and I walked around the main shopping street. There is a chocolate shop every five stores and it is so tempting to buy all of the chocolate.

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I gave in and bought a hot chocolate from one of the stores and it was so good. You can tell because I really don’t like American hot chocolate and the fact that I finished this one meant it was really good.


We eventually made it to the Brussels comic museum which was very cute. It was pretty exciting to see the development of comics from soley pencil and ink to the new digital age of comics made on tablets. The big comic for the museum and Brussels in general is Tintin. I had only first heard of Tintin when that movie came out a few years ago, and I never saw it.

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The museum was really kid friendly, which really means it was meant for adult-children.

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The museum also featured smaller comics and I liked those the best. The art style was really intense for some and it was fascinating to see how comics can really be art on their own. I would have purchased a book, but sadly they were all in French.

My favorite comic in the museum was a silly cat comic. It was so cute!!

They also had a Beetle Baily comic framed and it was the only one in English.

Then we got pho for lunch, and, as always, it was delicious.

We stumbled into a lot of carnival type street performers and I bought a small almond pie for only €1.60, it was really good when I ate it later on.

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All of the squares in Brussels were really elaborate.

Then we looked for the waffles our city map recommended and said that they were the true Belgian waffles. I got one with chocolate and it wad light, and the chocolate was rich and delicious.


We had a lot of time to spare so we stopped into the cinema to see a movie. (There was a seven week puppy in this man’s bag and she was so sweet and the man was very nice for letting me pet her). We were told before that American movies were in English so we went to get tickets only to be told that Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America were only in English in 3D!!!! What?! I would have a better time seeing it in French than seeing it in 3D. So we saw Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel instead. It was good!

Then we came back to the hostel and took a nap. When we woke up we set out for fries and went to a bar recommended by Emily’s parents. It was in this bar that I tried Lambik beer and loved it! The cherry flavor is good but I like the Carmel the best.


I bought some chocolate and macrons on the way home just in case I couldn’t get chocolate on Easter Sunday and we went back to the hostel for the night.


Stay tuned for my post about Easter in Brussels!



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