Easter Sunday, Brussels, Day 3


I have never been away from home on any major holiday, including Easter. In America we go to the Easter Vigil, and get baskets of candy in the morning and have a huge dinner. That being said, Brussels was very different.

We found a Catholic church with an English mass at 10am and got up early to go. The mass was small and quick, nothing too fantastic. Shortly after mass we went to get mussels for lunch.


For fifteen euro we got a huge bucket of mussels, fries and a beer. It was a pretty good deal considering most restaurants offered mussels for twenty-one euro. The mussels were very very good! I love sea food. We then went back to the hostel for a quick nap.

Afterward we went to the botanical gardens. Man, they were something, it never seemed to end.

????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????

We walked around the city to parts we hadn’t seen yet.


This church reminded me so much of Westminster and Notre Dame. Similar influences, I guess.


Here I am in front of the city! What a nice view.


Here is the happiest puppy I have ever seen!

????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????

A cool building for a music museum.



This kid was doing flips in the square.


I really liked this sculpture, it is such an accurate depiction of cats.

I think we got fries for dinner and went to a few bars for some Lambik. We went back to the hostel early to pack for our flights the next afternoon.



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