I sure have neglected this blog. I got caught up in finals, traveling with my dad and coming home. It’s a lot process and remembering to keep this blog updates went to the back of my brain.

So let’s go through this in sections:

Finals- I just got my grades back today and I did much better than I predicted. Everything was a B+ or above. I can’t believe I was ever worried about the Celtic Myths test. In total I had five papers (totaling 13,000 words) and one test. Of course the biggest paper was saved for last, and to get through it I requested my friends provide me with incentive (and it actually worked really well, I turned that paper in early). Finals ended on a good note and then I sat around and did nothing for a while.

Dad visiting- My dad came to the country on May 11th and we spent our time traveling around the south of Ireland. We spent three days in Dublin where we ate a lot of good food, did some tourist shopping, went to the Guinness factory (the most expensive pint in all of Ireland), made friends with taxi drivers, and made fun of the Millennium Spire. Then we went to Galway, had excellent sushi, went to the Aran Islands, and I went out for one last night with my friends. We then traveled to Killarney where we stayed in the nicest hotel ever. We went on a ring of Kerry tour which was absolutely beautiful and full of sheep. We also saw Godzilla while we were there. Also some of the best fish and chips I’ve had in Ireland were in in Killarney. We took a day trip to Cork, which proved to be disappointing and then we were right back in Galway. We got more excellent food at McSwiggins and took a trip to Cupan Tae, my favorite part of Galway. Then we were on our way back home and I was so ready to go.


Home- We landed early got McDonalds and I got my hair cut as soon as possible. I had really horrible jetlag. I stayed at home for a the holiday weekend and then I moved into my apartment on campus for the summer. It’s been interesting. I’m working on a project in which I have complete creative control.

I miss a lot of things about Galway. I miss being able to walk everywhere I need to go. I miss living around the corner from a decent sushi shop. I miss my favorite coffee shop!!!! I know I’ll miss the market, too. Market donuts! I miss the bars, actually. They were really fun most of the time.

But I’m glad to be home, really. Glad to be around dogs who want my attention. (This is the most important factor).



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