Philadelphia Comic Con 2014

YES! I went to Philly Comic Con. This was my second time going and what an amazing time it was. I figured this is a great place to talk about that weekend, so let’s get to it.

My friend Jabriya and I went to the con as Clementine and Molly from The Walking Dead Game by Telltale Games. She was recognized a few times, so that was awesome! I cut out and painted my very own snow ice pick, which I was very proud of. (I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to painting, and Jabs is a pro).


This is us before we entered the show floor. Cool, calm and collected.

We got to the Convention Center early Saturday morning, and immediately met very nice people in line. We got our wristbands and got in another line (lots of lines) and we met even more cool people (lots of cool people). The energy is very fun and positive, which is really refreshing when you’re surrounded by so many people.

So our plan was to go in and get in line for Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on the Walking Dead, but there was a twist in our plan!! (Oh no!) We had to pay to get an autograph just to get in line. Well, we had been planning this for quite a while and we didn’t want to let this stop us, so we purchased the autograph tickets and waited fooooooooooooooooorever to get in line. Lauren Cohan was about two hours late. She was supposed to be done signing autographs for the VIPs at 11:30 and start general admission then, but it wasn’t working out like that. In the spare time we had we walked around Artist’s Alley, which is one of my favorite parts of the con.

Eventually we got in line and met more cool people, who shared our excitement. That’s when the line got really fast, so fast that we didn’t have time to mentally prepare ourselves for the amazing woman that is Lauren Cohan.


Here we are in line, too excited to make normal faces.


Here’s Jabriya meeting Lauren Cohan and forgetting to tell her that they have the same birthday.


And here’s me taking a quick selfie because I forgot to get someone to take a picture of me meeting her. (Oh well!)

Lauren was very nice, though! She was very normal, as I expected. I asked her to sign my back that Norman Reedus had signed last year, and she gladly did! I told her how much I loved her character, and told her not to have kids (not like she has any control over that, looking at you Scott Gimple) and I welcomed her back to PA, because she’s originally from Philly. Oh, also she thought Jabriya had a cool name, which is always good to hear.

Then we had three hours to kill before our photo op with Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie who play The Winter Soldier and Sam Wilson (The Falcon) in the newest Captain America movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I went on a hunt for a reasonably priced Totoro, which I did not find and Jabs went searching for Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics, which she did not find either.


Here’s me in front of Whoopi Goldberg’s booth. If I was made of money I would have met her, I love her in almost everything she’s done. We saw some of the photo ops she did with fans and they were so funny! Good to know she’s got a great sense of humor still.

So we wandered around and mostly resisted purchasing expensive and unnecessary things. But I did find a Funko Pop of Bucky Barnes, so I had to get him. (I have quite the little collection, whoops).

Then we met up with my friend Jon, who I hadn’t seen since high school! It was his first con ever and he was like a kid at Disney world! He found a Kingdom Hearts Key Blade, for not so much:


The Guardians of the Galaxy movie was doing a fun green screen promotion, so I took them up on that. Now I’m a Guardian, too! Look at that horrible photoshop!


Waiting for things to happen is often the best time to take pictures of people’s cosplays (with their permission, of course). So here are some awesome people with some kick ass costumes.

edward supers

louise dark linkzelda

Then we finally got in line for our photo op and ran into some of the best cosplays I saw at the show. So good, I wanted to be in the picture, too.


Captain Jack was amazing! He had the walk, the voice and everything else completely right. He talked to me like he was really Jack and that was amazing. I got his attention by waving and calling his name and he walked over in a lopsided fashion, SO COOL!


Then there was Maria Hill and Nick Fury from the Avengers! I think they had kids with them, too. Some awesome parents, if you ask me. They were very nice!



These are the nice ladies, Sam and Nicole, we met in line! I thought they were friends, but they didn’t know each other! We were all friends after that, though.

This line moved fast, too! It was super quick but OH MAN LEMME TELL YOU.

We’re in line, and I’m in front of the group, there was a bunch of space in between me and the family in front of me. I peeked into the room and THERE THEY WERE. I backed out, amazed, and then a girl was yelling at me to keep moving. So we put our stuff on a table and waited for the family in front of us to finish.

Of course they had to check if the picture was ok, and when the photographer was telling them to wait Anthony Mackie was saying in a very deep commanding voice, ‘Hold…Hold…’ and I got a kick out of that.

Then it was our turn, I walked up and said ‘Hey guys! How are you!’ and Jabriya shook Sebastian’s hand (jealous) and told Anthony that she liked his robot wings and he says, no lie, ‘Well, I like your face!’ which was amazing and funny. This was the picture:


SCREAMING. Look how cute we all are! Some people had pictures where Anthony looked serious or Sebastian looked confused, BUT WE GOT SO LUCKY. LOOK AT THOSE PRETTY SMILES. ALL OF US. CUTE FAMILY PORTRAIT.

So then we watched Nicole and Sam’s pictures being taken. Sam was dressed as a USO girl and they both saluted to the camera, and OH wow so cute. (She didn’t even ask them to!)

So to calm down we went to get food with Jon, and luckily Chinatown is right near the Convention Center, so we got pho!


I love pho!! Can you tell?

Then we entered back into the con to get our photo. It was a madhouse! Everything was so disorganized and there was only one more hour left of the con. It seemed like all hope was lost when a man came and told Sam he saw her picture behind the photo op rooms on some tables. We followed him there and THERE THEY WERE. We brought Sam her picture and when we found Nicole we made sure she knew where to find her photo.

I was so sad when it was all over. I was even sadder when the entire weekend was over. This was our last selfie before Jabs got on the train to go home:


It was such a good weekend! So many nice people, so many amazing people. So much talent in one room. I LOVE COMIC CON. Til next year, I guess!



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