Missing Galway

I was just sitting around thinking about Galway and I made some recommendations for things to do and wow…I miss the Front Door, and Cupan Tae, and Irish sausage…and the weekend market and the nice coffee people and the not so nice coffee people, and watching little kids dance to street music AND STREET MUSIC and the donut man THE DONUT MAN WOW and that ridiculous silver bridge onto campus and M MASCULINITY AND CRISIS PROFESSOR.


Oh I sent it. Wow. WOW Galway was so great. (it was also not great, too but oh well)

Don’t ever change, Galway.

I also can’t believe I got to do the things I did in those five months.

I went on a Thames river cruise with my mom IN LONDON of all places. Like, so casual, just meet me in London and we’ll putz around for a few days. THE RING OF KERRY WITH DAD. GODZILLA IN IRELAND WITH DAD.  I got to eat endless amounts of chocolate in ANY FORM in Brussels. And what about that Italian gelato? I got to see two of my friends living and working in another country. AND FRANCE. FRANCE. I WAS IN THE PALACE WHERE MARIE ANTOINETTE LIVED and that was the best part of my trip, wow.

Is this real life?!

(watch my madness become apparent through the breakdown of typically accepted grammar and sentence structure)




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