Catching Up

It has been a long time, everyone. Since my last post on this blog I have accomplished quite a few things, and not without the help of so many other people. Actually, it has been approximately a year since I posted on this blog at all. So you all deserve an update (all eleven of you).


In August I started my senior year of college at Saint Joseph’s University which involved a bunch of moving out, moving in and moving forward. Later in 2014 I started working for William Labov on his iHelp grant at the University of Pennsylvania. For those of you who are not linguists: this job was a Big Deal. It was temporary and didn’t pay very much, but I learned so much just because I was involved with the project. (I hope it’s published within the next two years so I can point to it and say “Hey! I helped with that). I also started writing for TVOvermind, a television reviewing site. I review Bob’s Burgers, Shameless, and Orphan Black and the job, while unpaid, has made me love television even more.


I went to Disney World on spring break with my friends Johnna and Jea. We had a blast, and there were so many princess selfies. My co-editor and I published the prettiest literary magazine yet, The Crimson and Gray, and I don’t think I could be prouder of something if it was my own child (it did feel like my own flesh and blood for a minute). One freshman told me if I gave him a copy of the magazine he would just throw it out later. I could appreciate the honesty, no matter how much it broke my heart.


The very last semester of my senior year taught me how to say ‘yes’ to fun. I’ve always had issues with being too reserved about going out of my comfort zone, but I challenged myself to doing things that I would normally turn down immediately. I grew closer with my friends from Ireland, and made so many new underclassmen friends that it was hard to say goodbye at graduation. I spent this last year of school learning who the very best people were and I kept them close.


Ah yes, graduation. I have now graduated from two institutions (if you don’t count kindergarten) and neither has impressed me. Everyone around me was so giddy that I was graduating, and I was just so underwhelmed. I kept thinking “Of course I’m graduating. Why wouldn’t I?” which is hilarious because for a few moments over this past year I wasn’t sure that I would. That’s the thing about completing something, I guess, everything seems easy in retrospect. I made it, and that is significant, whether I look back thinking it was a piece of cake or not.

I started watching too many television shows, started reading more comics than I can afford, and watched more movies than I could tell you about. Now, I’m graduated and gloriously unemployed. Mondays feel like Wednesdays and I’m desperate to get out of the house and sit with my dog on the front lawn.

So onto the next adventure, including updating this blog more often.


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