New York City

I have lived in and around Philadelphia for the majority of my life. Most people who have similar lives have been to New York City several times, but not me!

The first time I was close to the city was in high school when I went to Ellis Island, but the trip ended there and we never made it into the downtown area. My family made a trip to Syracuse and Cooperstown in my junior year of high school, but we managed to circumvent the ‘big apple’ every time.

The first time I ever went to the city was before this blog existed, and my friends and I went for a concert and didn’t see much else. So yesterday my friend Christina and I traveled to NYC for a friend’s graduation dinner, and boy, what a day.

My only request to my friends Kati and Christina was to go to M&M World because I went to the one in London, and I loved the crazy (ridiculously priced) peanut M&Ms they had. So we got off at Penn Station, met up with Kati and wandered over to the store.


Look at those beautiful expensive chocolate covered peanuts! Delicious. Unsurprisingly, they taste just like the red and blue ones.

Then we went to lunch around 1pm. Christina found a gluten free restaurant called Senza Gluten and she and I were absolutely thrilled to try it out. Everything in the restaurant was 100% gluten free and we were like kids set loose on a candy shop. I got chicken parmesan! After I had cafe creme brulee.

wpid-snapchat-3817407844665974488.jpg wpid-snapchat-7073914698042775843.jpg




Then our friend Mike picked us up to go to his house, which was wonderful. (Unfortunately, I can’t add videos to WordPress, otherwise I would have a few clips of me in Times Square).

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-01-00-56-58.png wpid-screenshot_2015-06-01-00-56-37.png


There were a number of sculptures just like that one on our way to Queens, I’m lucky we stopped long enough to snap that picture. (Also, the quality of my photos will be low because I only have access to the camera on my phone).



We arrived to the fancy party and had a pretty great time! The food was so good and I was so under dressed. We were also caught in the middle of the flash floods. There must have been five inches of water on the ground outside of the restaurant.

I thought Times Square was pretty overwhelming, but that is a tourist location. The difference between Philadelphia and New York city is so evident it hurts! It made me think of how I felt about Dublin when I lived in Galway: very big, too much food, and not a lot to do! I know for sure that I cannot conquer New York City in a day, so here’s to more adventures in the big city soon.





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