The Experience Passport

Last Christmas my Aunt Eileen got me a little book called The Experience Passport. It’s meant to inspire me to go on new adventures and have new experiences. Well…I haven’t really used it!

This time last year I could not have known that I would be spending 2016 in South Korea. I am already far more adventurous than I was in my senior year of college, so I want to make a plan for myself. I have this cute little book with prompts, and I also have a blog that I do not update enough…Every week I will try to take a prompt and do what it tells me to do! I will write about them on this blog, and hopefully you all will have something to read about.

For example, the first prompt is “Eat two meals from every continent (except Antartica). What do the flavors tell you about each culture?”

I’ve only been to North America, Asia (just a small part of it), and Europe, so I will definitely need to update this post as I try new foods while travelling. Anyway, here we go:

In North America I can think of two foods I love so deeply…brisket, and breakfast. I know, I know, breakfast is a combination of foods, but there is no greater meal ON THIS PLANET than good ‘ol eggs and bacon…and gluten free toast. There isn’t much that can make me as happy as going to a diner and having breakfast.

The other is brisket, which is classically a southern BBQ beef dish. When my family lived in Texas my dad picked up a knack for smoking brisket after travelling far away for it became too much of a hassle. My dad’s brisket is not as good as the real stuff from the Lonestar state, but it’s pretty close! It’s always nice to remember that even in the suburbs of PA we can still have some crazy good brisket.

In Europe one of my favorite meals was Smoked Salmon Rosti. Specifically, I loved getting it from Cupan Tae in Galway. Smoked salmon is pretty overwhelming back home. It can taste overly fishy and I know that hesitate to eat it at all…but Galway knows how to make smoked salmon. The city is right on the ocean, and the fish is so fresh it’s really quite amazing. The rosti is topped with salmon, but starts with roasted potatoes, basil pesto sauce, and a poached egg. I wish I could make it here in Korea, it’s so tasty!

Let me tell you about the bread in France, oh my god! As you may know, I have celiacs and I am also extremely lactose intolerant. When I visited France in February 2014 I really didn’t know what exactly made me feel sick all of the time. My brief visit was partially amazing because I ate bread so freely and was not sick once. The French bread was made daily and obviously made with less processed flour, and I will never forget how wonderful it was to have four days of eating fresh bread.

When it comes to food in Korea I have learned that you should know your limits. This is true  for red meat and spice in general, no matter where in the world you are…but Korea really likes its spices. I like to stay in my lane and eat the blandest food Korea has to offer! Just kidding, but they do have killer kimbap here, and I eat it almost every day for lunch.

I also really like getting BBQ here. It’s regular pork or beef, but the social aspect of it really draws me in. You gather with a few friends at a table with a grill and you cook the meat yourself. Something about having an active part in making the food brings you closer to the people your with, and I really prefer it to other ways of dining.

So there you have it! A not-so-comprehensive list of my favorite foods from some parts of the world! I hope you liked it, and maybe you have different favorite foods from your area, actually I’m sure you do. Tell me about them!!!




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