Korean Skin Care

If you know me then you’ve heard me say “I can’t eat that,” and trust me it annoys me to say it as much as it annoys you to hear it. I have a myriad of medical problems (in addition to gluten and dairy intolerance) that American doctors have told me to ‘just deal with.’ I mean, I know it’s called adulthood, but do I really have to just settle for less when it comes to my health?

I have handled five years of going to dermatologists and begging them to help me with my eczema, wait no, psoriasis…wait…dermatitis? Great they don’t even know what it is. They haven’t helped at all, really. They hand me the same topical medications and say “Good luck!” which does nothing for my skin, if you didn’t guess.

Before I left for Korea I thought, “I’m going to the skin care capital of the world, my skin will magically heal when I step foot in the country.” WRONG. Duh, that magic isn’t real anywhere, but my skin definitely got worse here before I woke up enough to do something about it.

So at the beginning of April I got excited at the idea of BB Cream, which started in Korea, and has a reputation of being the perfect combination of a foundation and a sunscreen of sorts. I eagerly bought some and applied it and went about my day as normal. Tons of compliments, even my students were amazed at how ‘beautiful’ I looked.

So I kept up this process for about a month, and underneath the BB Cream my skin was suffocating and my dermatitis was only getting worse. Below you can see photos of my face, from April 1st, to April April 29th with tons of red splotches all over my face, to now. A roller coaster, right? Not only was my skin suffocating, the yellow dust was attacking my skin, and I have since learned that it’s even worse to wear makeup during the dust season, and I’ve refrained from it entirely.

What was I going to do? I couldn’t not cover up the redness on my face, but in doing so I was only making it worse. So I took a leap and made an appointment at a local hospital with a dermatologist. I had every expectation to hear what I hear during every trip.

20160401_135926.jpg 20160428_130522.jpg 20160504_142629.jpg

As you might see, that’s really not the case. My appointment went amazingly, and the dermatologist even spoke English fairly well. She took my situation seriously and gave me a list of medications, including a steroid that kicked the dermatitis right off of my face. I don’t want to get overzealous and declare that I’m cured, but I am truly astonished at what the Korean dermatologist has accomplished.

I honestly cannot believe I’m posting these awful photos of myself online, but I know that someone out there is struggling with the same thing as me, and I want them to know that “dealing with it” is not your only option.


2 thoughts on “Korean Skin Care

  1. Dara, that was brave of you to put those pictures up of yourself. It looks as though your last straw has led to a lot of help. BTW are you wearing makeup in the latest picture? Because if you are not then whatever they have you on is amazing. Keep on talking about it. Somebody is definitely going through the same thing and this will help them.

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